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Product Service Motto

Following the motto "All About The Customer", ACBS is constantly focusing our efforts on improving our securities brokerage services.

The Professional Brokers Team

We are proud of our team of brokers, all of whom are professionally trained, with in-depth knowledge, years of extensive experience in consulting in the Vietnam Stock Market and always complying with the strictest ethical standards. If you are looking for honesty, integrity and sound advice, talk to the professional brokers at ACBS. We will assist our clients by always acting in their best interests.

Diversity of Products and Services

ACBS is developing financial products and services based on our client’s needs to help them achieve their financial objectives. Additionally, our clients will have priority in using all of the products and services offered by Asia Commercial Bank.

Safety, Security and Transparency

With the trading system under strict management, ACBS is committed to ensuring that our clients’ information is kept strictly confidential. Client assets are always recognized in full and on a real time basis in securely managed segregated accounts.

Superior Technology

ACBS uses the latest technological platforms which are being upgraded regularly. Our system allows all customer activities to be processes quickly, accurately and securely. The ACBS Trading application can run on Web Based platforms, iOS and Android allowing our clients the greatest flexibility to easily check account information and market updates anywhere, anytime.

Transaction Finance


  1. Term of use


  • This service is provided for customers who have Depository and Trading Securities account at ACBS.


  1. Service Charateristics


  • Immediately after Securities are matched for sale, Customers will receive cash in advance to continue trading or to withdraw.
  • Interest Rate for Cash In Advance willbe calculated on the amount given in advance to withdraw and the actual number of days of use since the withdrawal day . Customers who use the cash in advance to buy securities will not be charged for interest.
  • When the cash from matched sale securities is available in Customers account , ACBS will collectprinciple and interest which customers used.


  1. Benefits for Clients


  • Clients do not have to register for the Cash In Advance service. The value of matched sold orders are automatically recorded to use (purchase stock or withdraw cash).
  • Clients are charged only for interest when withdraw cash in advance.


  1. Procedure


  • Clients please kindly contact ACBS staff to be guided for relevant procedures.



Exchange Traded Funds


Fund name

Exchange-Traded Fund

Abbreviated name


Fund Management Company

VietFund Management (VFM)

Fund code


Index Provider

Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE)

Fund Type

Fund exchange portfolio

Custodian Bank

Standard Chartered Bank VN

Transfer Agency

Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD)

Investment objectives/ strategy

The objective of VFMVN30 ETF is to replicate the performance of VN30 Benchmark Index as closest as possible after subtracting Fund’s expenses. VN30 Index is the price index established and managed by Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange. VFMVN30 ETF has no foreign ownership limit. VFMVN30 ETF implements a passive investing strategy to carry out its preset investment objectives. When the basket of securities of VN30 index changes, VFMVN30 ETF will adjust the Fund’s portfolio to be consistent with the basket of VN30 index in terms of structure and weighting of assets. The value of investment portfolio of the Fund is often not less than 95% of the corresponding value of basket of securities of VN30 Benchmark Index.


  • Subscription fee: 0% (free)
  • Redemption fee: 0% to 0.15% redemption value
  • And other Charges


VFMVN30 Fund Documents

NAV Report – (

Fund factsheet – (

E-Brochure, Propectus & Annual report - (

Trading guidelines – (


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Cầm cố chứng khoán

1. Giới thiệu:

Cầm cố chứng khoán là sản phẩm liên kết giữa ACBS và ACB, ACBS và các Ngân hàng khác. Khách hàng được ACB và các Ngân hàng khác cho vay vốn đảm bảo bằng số dư chứng khoán trên tài khoản giao dịch chứng khoán của Khách hàng.

2. Đối tượng và điều kiện

Sản phẩm này được cung cấp cho các Nhà đầu tư giao dịch chứng khoán tại ACBS

3. Đặc tính sản phẩm:

- Danh mục chứng khoán cho vay: Theo quy định của Ngân hàng cho vay.

- Trong thời gian Cầm cố chứng khoán, Khách hàng không được bán, chuyển khoản chứng khoán không qua giao dịch, rút chứng khoán đối với các chứng khoán đã cầm cố. 

4. Tiện ích:

- Cung cấp vốn cho Khách hàng.

- Việc cầm cố chứng khoán được xác nhận bởi Trung tâm lưu ký chứng khoán Việt Nam, đảm bảo quyền lợi và nghĩa vụ cho Khách hàng, Ngân hàng cho vay, ACBS.

5. Hướng dẫn thực hiện

- Khách hàng vui lòng liên hệ với nhân viên của ACBS để được tư vấn và hướng dẫn thực hiện các thủ tục liên quan.

6. Hồ sơ đăng ký sử dụng sản phẩm (theo yêu cầu của ACB)

- Khách hàng cá nhân: CMND, Hộ khẩu/KT3/KT4/Xác nhận cư trú.

- Doanh nghiệp tư nhân: Giấy ĐKKD, chứng nhận MST.

- Doanh nghiệp: Điều lệ doanh nghiệp, Giấy ĐKKD/GPĐT, Biên bản họp Hội đồng Thành viên/Hội đồng Quản trị, chứng nhận MST, thông tin người đại diện theo pháp luật/ủy quyền:CMND/Passport, hộ khẩu.

- Giấy đề nghị vay vốn.

Open-Ended Funds

 SSI-SCA Details

Name of the Fund

SSI Sustainable Competitive Advantage Fund

Abbreviated name


Nature of the Fund

An open-ended balanced fund

Minimum subscription amount

VND 2,000,000 (Two million)

Fund operating period


Fund Management Company

SSI Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Supervisory Bank

Standard Chartered Bank (Viet Nam)

Minimum account balance


Deadling date

Every transaction day (Day T)

Cut-off time

14:59 pm on Day T-1

Transfer Agent

Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD)

Investment objectives/ strategy

The Fund pursues long-term capital appreciation and regular return through investment in companies with sustainable competitive advantages and fixed income assets.


  • Subscription Fee: 0.75% from VND 1 mil to 1 bil; 0.5% below VND 10 bil; 0.25% above VND 10 bil.­­
  • Redemption Fee (depends on the fund units holding period): 1.25% for 12 months; 0.75% from above 12 to 24 months, 0% above 24 months.
  • Swithching Fee: Free.
  • Transfer fee: Free.
  • Subscription Fee applied for Systematic Investment Plan (SIP): Free.
  • And other fees.

* Investors please refer to the Prospectus and the Fund Charter for more details.


Trading Guide (

Annual NAV Report (