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Issuance Advisory

Based on our client’s needs for capital raising and operational expansion, we analyze and propose solutions to successfully mobilize funds from the stock exchange, in accordance with operating conditions and the best way to meet their financial needs.


Our underwriting operation undertakes to repurchase a part or whole of the securities issued by our customers, and is a guarantee of the issuance’s success. This is an essential function for a company such as ours, with a reputation for quality and repute.

Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) Advisory

ACBS serves as an advisor for buyers and sellers, providing analysis and consultation on securities issuances, corporate acquisitions, assets acquisitions, and other forms of investment, from the preparatory stage to the close of the deal, as well as post-M&A customer care.

Listing/securities trading registration advisory

We work with customers to prepare their companies for listing, and develop a realistic roadmap. We provide advice and coordinate with customers to ensure that necessary tasks are complete, so that securities can be successfully traded on Vietnamese or foreign stock exchanges

Equitization and corporate conversion advisory

With a history of success helping state-owned enterprises, limited liability companies, and foreign funded companies convert into corporations, we believe that our equitization and conversion advisory service will satisfy customers in terms of quality and contract progress, ensuring ease of securities issuance and listing later on. Our equitization advisory service includes: determining corporate value, development of an equitization plan, auction, and holding the initial general meeting of shareholders.

Financial restructuring advisory

Using knowledge gained from comprehensive discussion and assessment, our specialists help clients to understand their financial positions, and help develop and implement restructuring solutions in accordance with actual conditions.

Management of shareholder's books/list of bond bearers

With our management service of shareholder’s books or lists of bond bearers, ACBS can help customers save costs stemming from the monitoring & confirmation of transfer, execution of rights for securities owners, and can also boost liquidity and facilitate their stocks portfolio.

Stock action service

ACBS assists in organizing share auction at the client’s request. Owning an extensive distribution system and experiencing many successful share auctions, stock auction advisory is one of our advantages.

Capital arrangement service

With an extensive network throughout Vietnam and a good relationship with large financial institutions, we help our clients build successful and efficient funding bases (under equity and debt) for their businesses.

Other financial advisory services

ACBS also provides other customized financial solutions and strategies to meet client-specific objectives.


Corporate Advisory Services is at the front line of ACBS’s added value for clients. We have a broad client network and a team of highly motivated advisors from diverse backgrounds in financial markets. Our clients include many leading institutions, including banks, insurance companies, asset management firms, and other specialty finance institutions.  

ACBS’s Corporate Advisory Services strives to offer best-in-class advice and excellence in all of our professional products and services in the capital market (IPOs, equity offerings, underwriting, stock listings, valuations, management of stockholder books), the debt market (bank loans, debt issuances, leveraged buyouts, refinancing, and restructurings), or regarding strategic buyouts and merger & acquisition activities.

Putting clients’ interests first is the core of ACBS Corporate Advisory Services’ philosophy.