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Acbs Provides The Investors The Limitless Experience Which Integrated Advanced Features Developed Base On The Insightful Market Information Channel.

1. For PC

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2. For smartphone

- Access to (mobile version)

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3. For Hotline

- Call: 1900555533

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Risk Disclosure

The Client is required to read this Risk Disclosure to have the understanding of the risks which the Client may experience in performing E-Trading. The risks listed below have been identified up to the preparation of this Risk Disclosure therefore they may not be exhaustive. ACBS will update the list and notify the Client whenever any new risks are identified. For the best of Client’s interest, The Client are kindly requested to read the updated Risk Disclosure once it is available on the E-Trading website.

  1. ACBS is permitted to provide the E-Trading Service by the State Securities Commission

E-Trading helps:

+ The Client to place Order at anywhere with simple procedure;

+ The Client’s Order to be safely transferred to the Exchange.

  1. The risks of E-Trading may include:
  • Ricks of the incorrect operation or malfunction of hardware and/or trading system due to the flood, fire, acts of god, disruption of electricity supply or fraud which make the Order being not transmitted, not executed or executed incorrectly;
  • Risks of data transmission being interrupted, intercepted and/or disrupted due to technical errors or overloading;
  • Risks of in-operation or slow operation or break-down of the trading system due to the overloading of Order which causes the Client’s Order being not executed;
  • Risks of the Order can not be revoked once being sent and the Client shall be immediately subject to the obligations incurred by its execution;
  • Risks of the verifying process, the Order is placed by the Client or the Authorized, can not be performed which causes the Client’s Order being not executed,
  • The risks of the lagging of information such as price board, result of Order’s placing or execution being sent to the Client which causes the impairment to the Client ’s decisions.
  • Risks of the verifying factors (username, password, telephone number, fascimile number, email address) coming into the possession of an unauthorised third party who uses them to carry out unauthorised E-trading on the Client’s Securities Account; and
  • Risks of Electronic Records of the Client being revealed as a result of the illegal act(s) by third parties.
  1. ACBS shall not be hold responsible for any loss or damage in case the Client release intentionally or unintentionally the verifying factors to an unauthorised third party.
  2. ACBS commits to try its best in rendering the E-Trading service. Thank you for choosing ACBS’s E-Trading service.